Updates from Chandler RTO during the Latest COVID-19 Restrictions

Dear Students,

Chandler RTO is following the instructions and guidelines from the Australian and Victorian Governments to ensure that we can respond to the rapidly changing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as quickly as possible since March 2020.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing lockdown restrictions in Victoria, we are ensuring to follow the restriction rules, to protect our students, our staff’s and to safeguard our communities’ health, safety and lives as a top priority without any exceptions.

We have temporarily closed our training Institute from 31st March 2020 until an update on the situation and a further notice from the Victorian government is available.

We are temporarily providing online enrolment and orientation services, online training, and assessments until we receive further update from the health department. Practical and simulation training are on hold and will be carried out at a later stage once the situation permits.

Upon receiving a new student’s application online, our enrolment team will thoroughly assess their application. Student’s enrollment is confirmed once our online enrolment team have carefully assessed their application and is satisfactory with the enrolment process.

For more information, please call our online enrolment and student support team on

(03) 8609 1393 or 0466 426 362 between 9.00 am – 5 pm from Monday to Friday. Our enrolment and student support team are committed in providing full support to you.

You can also submit your inquiries to the following email address: info@chandler.edu.au

Chandler RTO prides in protecting our students, staff, communities and is offering our students quality educational and learning opportunities. Our team members are committed to providing good support and protection during these extremely difficult times.

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