It is about YOU & YOUR CAREER


Chandler RTO is an accredited and trusted Registered Training Organisation provider for healthcare training across Melbourne, Victoria founded by healthcare professionals, with extensive experience in various private and public healthcare sectors including Hospitals and Aged Care facilities.

Our focus is to support our industry partners with their training needs across each of the sectors in which we work and create opportunities for people to work within their communities in a range of roles.

Chandler RTO draws students from a range of different backgrounds and provides courses from First Aid and CPR training to full qualifications designed to support new entrants gain employment in the sector.

We offer a caring and culturally dynamic environment in which to learn and pursue your new career.

Chandler RTO is structured around three very simple principles:

Community Spirit

We share a sense of community spirit with our students and our partners, and as an RTO, we continuously strive to drive industry excellence and create value through innovation for both our students and partners.

Rewarding Relationship

We work with our partners to help develop the job skills and training needed for our students to gain employment or improve their opportunities for advancement - in that way everyone benefits from the experience.

Culturally Enriching

The job seekers RTO that embraces diversity, fosters individuality, provides an accessible, supportive climate, and encourages a variety of perspectives and opinions. Our staff and trainers are committed to supporting you to achieve your learning and career goals.


Chandler RTO delivers quality courses which prepare and empower students for success and promote and enhance life-long job skills. Our training is designed to support students to gain employment or improve their opportunities for advancement in their current career.


Chandler RTO, is committed to creating a learning environment that is accessible, diverse, responsive, and innovative. Enriching the lives of our students and employment partners, and contributing to the economic development of our community as a whole.


To inspire and help students succeed.

At Chandler RTO, our training staff teaches because their purpose is to inspire (encourage or motivate would be good word) and help students succeed in their career goals. Our staff and administrators at Chandler RTO, share that purpose and are passionate about helping students succeed.

We are committed to supporting our community, and always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of life of both our students and the community we serve.

We are also equally passionate about partnering with likeminded people and organizations to provide exceptional training services.

Chandler RTO exists for all people who can benefit from learning. We strive to offer all our students a pathway to their future career.

We are committed to providing quality, innovative training that offers students the knowledge and skills to be able to access employment or improve their opportunities for advancement in their current career.

We'll take this journey together.

To inspire and help students succeed.